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Our Story

In 1994, a crazy Irishman named Scunny decided to open a Mexican restaurant in a Polish neighborhood. He was a young guy with a big dream and only enough start-up money for a pizza shop, yet he was stubborn enough to make the dream work. The Pizza and Wing Factory was born and opened more than 23 years ago.
Using the vacant space next door, Scunny allowed the flow from his carryout customers to sit on picnic tables and to B.Y.O.B. in the space that was soon to become Nacho Mama’s.
As Scunny painted and prepped the exterior, a local neighbor passerby inquired in his best Baltimore accent “I downt know why yooz would owpen a Mexican restaurant here. There ain’t no Mexicans here, we’re all Powlish.” Which is why we are famously known for our slogan “Where East Bawmer meets Mexico.”The Baltimore hot spot has become a household name for affordable, delicious Tex-Mex fare along with inventive pizzas, meaty wings and other classic favorites

Over the last 30 years we have been collecting Natty Boh memorabilia . Our restaurants are filled head to toe, it is as if you are walking through esteem, Here are some of our favorite pieces. 

Our collection

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